66: Smilebox Fun

Click to play Georgia, October 2008
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A fun activity to get familiar with is digital scrapbooking. We just took a family vacation to Georgia, and it took me about an hour to pick out photos and put them into a cute little scrapbook. It was also a lot cheaper than traditional scrapbooking, and no mess. At Smilebox, you can use it for free (with ads) or you can buy a very reasonably priced subscription. I’m looking forward to putting all of my Christmas photos into Smilebox slideshows, photobooks, scrapbooks, and postcards. It is a ton of fun! I will share with you that I am not a scrapbooker, so this was just the thing for me. I think it’s just great that I can share it with everyone, post it to my Facebook, MySpace, blog, email it, or print it for a real printed book (and even make copies for my mom and my mother-in-law!) Enjoy it and be inspired!