56: Personalized Gifts for Kids

Every kid loves to see their name on various items: books, mugs, placemats, signs, or just about anything else! What could be better than a Christmas Story featuring your child? Our daughter received one of these as a gift a few years ago, and it is still one of her favorite books! Personalized gifts are fun!

Personalized items at Walter Drake

Personalized Christmas Story about your child for just 1 cent!

Oriental Trading Company, Inc.

Great photo courtesy of Megan Soh.

65: Calligraphy for Christmas

A little calligraphy goes a long way to adding that special personal touch. During the holidays, I immediately think of using it on place cards for the holiday table, gift tags, and handmade Christmas Cards. For kids, a little calligraphy practice will improve their regular everyday handwriting!

Calligraphy doesn’t have to be perfect or follow any rules at all. It’s basically fancy writing, so get the kids involved and have them write their own gift tags!

Here are a few things to get you started:

Photo courtesy of fromdarkheaven.