46: Gifts for Grownups

If you are going to give gifts for grownups, give something consumable. Gifts to charities, gourmet foods, event tickets, are all great gifts for grownups.

As an extended family, we’ve decided to forego gifts for the grownups this year.

  • We have just about everything we want already, unless you count big ticket items.
  • We have a clutter problem.
  • Money is tight this year.
  • We want to focus on more than gifts.

Those are the main reasons. It’s not that we don’t enjoy giving other people gifts! Gift giving should be joyful, not stressful. If all we can think about is how we can’t afford it, whether or not the recipient will use/appreciate it, or out of time for shopping/baking/working/decorating/our family, the joy is gone.

Gift the gift of freedom to the people who struggle with gift giving! Merry Christmas!

Photo courtesy of Tammy Green (a fabulous food photographer!)

95: Unplug the Christmas Machine

Unplug the Christmas Machine:
A Complete Guide to Putting Love and Joy Back into the Season

I highly recommend this book as a great way to get yourself centered and focus on what really matters during the Christmas season. Sometimes, we just do things during this time of year because we’re “supposed to,” or other people have certain expectations from us that we keep trying to meet. This is the time of year to look at your family and those who mean the most to you and decide what’s best and most meaningful for them. Would you continue baking a mincemeat pie every year even though only one piece is ever eaten? Just because so-and-so did that, doesn’t mean you are sentenced to it. Take some time to read this little book and figure out what you really want this year.

This is a wonderful selection for small group study or book club to focus on in preparation for Christmas. Get a few copies and invite your friends over for coffee! Make it fun!

You don’t need to be an economist to know what’s been happening this year. Everything is more expensive, jobs are slightly more tenuous, and investments are all over the place. People are losing their homes. In this kind of economic climate, do we really need to go out and get the latest everything so we’re keeping up with the Joneses who are even worse off than we? Seriously, folks! Focus on the important things!