52: Fabric Gift Bags

I love fabric gift bags! Simple ones are very easy to make, even for a beginning crafter. Check out this simple pattern and instructions here.

Anytime is a good time to start collecting fabric remnants and scraps, as well as sale fabric. You also want to stockpile sewing notions, trim, and other decorations (like beads, and silk rope.) Get your patterns made, cut out your pieces, pin, and just stack them up in a big pile for one big sewing blitz!

Making your own fabric gift bags is a recycling, reusable, and environmentally friendly project to do. The bags can be reused in your household, or your recipients can use the bags again! Wouldn’t it be great to have a Christmas without spending a fortune on giftwrap, or having a Hefty bag full of paper trash at the end of the day? Fabric gift bags make sense. They can also be very luxurious with brocades and silk rope with tassels, or they can be simple and fun for kids with whimsical prints and fun ties.

This is also another great way to express yourself of your Christmas theme. You could also customize bags for the recipients or even make special large Santa bags to take gifts to the grandparents or other families.

Get out your sewing machine and give this one a try. You’ll be hooked!

Photo courtesy of Karen at Le Petit Poulailler

91: Clearance Crafting

If you aren’t checking the clearance bins everytime you shop at JoAnn’s or Michael’s, you are missing a huge opportunity to stock up on crafting odds and ends. Having boxes of clearance-priced crafting items makes it a little easier to let the kids run wild with their imagination when making decorations, pictures, crafts, or anything else creative. I feel less guilty when they use 2 bottles of 5-cent glue to stick together a $1 box of popsicle sticks together, especially when many of these creations will have their photos taken, then be dispatched to the nearest recycling bin, as appropriate.

If you didn’t stock up on extra school supplies this fall when they had the 5-cent specials on various items, make a note not to miss that next year! Also, Sam’s Club has great prices on large packages of things like Sharpies and construction paper, not to mention regular paper, glue sticks, file folders, etc.

Happy deal hunting and crafting!