69: Collecting Christmas Tree Ornaments

Collecting Christmas tree ornaments is a fun hobby that anyone can manage. Our family collects ornaments from family vacations. We have a lot of Disney ornaments, in particular. Do you collect ornaments, and if you do, do you have a theme? Here’s a list of some interesting themes if you want to start collecting.

  • Disney – anything Mickey-related
  • Family Vacations
  • Homemade – knitting, crocheting, tatting, cross-stitch, carved, painted
  • Super Heroes – logos, colors, miniatures
  • Lego – a variation on homemade ornaments
  • Music – instruments, symbols
  • Heritage – Irish, German, Russian, Norwegian, etc.
  • Nature – pinecones, cranberries, feather ornaments, birds
  • Collectibles – Waterford, Swarovski, Kinkade, Lenox, etc.
  • Kids – paper chains, dough ornaments, etc.
  • Collegiate – if you want a Crimson Tide tree, here’s your chance
  • Color theme – specific color palette
  • Style theme – Victorian, ’50s, Country, Modern
  • Photo theme – frame ornaments
  • Children’s books – mini-books, characters, decoupage balls

There are certainly many more Christmas tree themes out there. If yours isn’t on this list, post it in a comment! We all love to hear new ideas! Ornaments make great Christmas gifts, too!

Great photo courtesy of Monica D. (CosmoPolitician)

80: Karaoke Fever

Do you have a karaoke machine? This is an awesome thing for parties, sleepovers, and holiday gatherings. We had a wonderful time with a karaoke microphone system at a birthday party we hosted today. The price was right and has already provided hours of fun family entertainment! Party gold! I’m looking forward to future gatherings with the grownups singing loads of classic rock. We mostly used Disney’s Karaoke Series: High School Musical today, and everyone was entertained. Grab one for your Christmas party season!

Leadsinger LS-3222 Duet Microphone for LS-3700 All-in-One Karaoke System

Photo courtesy of saeru

81: Deals for HSM, Hannah Montana, and Camp Rock NOW!

For all of you High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Camp Rock fans, stores everywhere are clearing out a lot of related merchandise. Great deals of 50-75% off can be found in clearance sections of your local Target and Wal-mart right now. Disney High School Musical 3 hits theaters soon, so there will be a lot of new stuff out to fill that need. In the meantime, though, the original is still this elf’s favorite, and everything High School Musical is on sale!

Another huge clearout is Camp Rock merchandise. A Camp Rock themed Acoustic Guitar was only $23 today, down from around $90! Get one today! Also, Hannah Montana items of every kind were marked down.

These deals are great gift ideas for preteen girls and some boys. Stock up for fall birthday parties and Christmas gifts this weekend before they are all gone!