40: Help Another Kid

This is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Help someone less fortunate than you.

I recently became aware of a child who needs a powered wheelchair. She has lupus and juvenile arthritis. The parents are unable to provide a $1000 wheelchair for their child who seriously needs it. It must be powered due to her arthritis. Her disease will only continue to worsen. This is a difficult situation, and only one of many of which I’m aware.

If you are in a position to help another child, please do it! Get the kids involved on a project like this. It might help cure some of the “gimmes” that make an appearance at Christmas.

Contact your church’s care or children’s ministry if you want to get involved personally. Having kids collect for food drives and delivering the goods to the appropriate charities is always inspiring and sparks smiles all around!

On a personal note, if you know of an agency or ministry that provides wheelchairs for children, please post a comment and I will follow up on it. If you’d like to make a personal gift towards the purchase of a wheelchair, I can facilitate that as well. Help another child experience the gift of love this Christmas!

UPDATE – 11.15.08

A fellow elf just called me with great news about a wheelchair! It’s done! God is good. Spread the love at Christmas and help another kid.

57: Get Creative with Knitting Hats

I’ve been trying to find the perfect hat to knit to convince other people to knit for fun, and I think I’ve found it! Who can resist this baby hat? For the experienced knitter, this could be an afternoon project. In fact, most knitted hat projects can be made in a day or two. They make wonderful gifts and kids love them.

If you get totally hooked on knitting hats, you can knit a few for charity. Here’s a list to get you started:

Knitting for Charity

Head Huggerspattern list

Free knitting hat patterns

I’ve knit several hats for cancer patients in my life, and it’s been the single most rewarding thing about knitting. The care, love, and prayers that fill each hat you knit is special for the recipient and the giver. A hand-knit hat is a treasure! Get out those needles and get knitting!

Fabulous knitting and photo courtesy of Robin Zebrowski.