71: Winter Camping

Pick a date to take the family winter camping. This could be packing up the RV and setting up a campsite complete with Christmas lights, or it could mean renting a cabin for a night or two. Make sure you pack warm clothes, an extra blanket, hot chocolate, S’mores ingredients, and anything else you need for a wintry getaway.

On our last camping trip, we saw several RV sites at State Park campgrounds with extensive outside setups including firepits, screenhouses, mini-light palm trees, rope lights outlining their patio areas, and seasonal/holiday vinyl tablecloths on picnic tables. We saw a lot of grandparents with grandkids, too! What a fun time for all!

98: Where will you spend Christmas this year?

We live very close to our entire family, so our biggest complication is determining how we are going to exchange gifts. When I was a kid, we often had grandparents travel to our house for Christmas. All of the grandparents had worked out a schedule with their kids that seemed to work out. Sometimes we traveled to the grandparents’ houses, but that can be very complicated with a car full of kids, I imagine.

While being involved in professional music ministry, traveling for Christmas has never really been an option. For the first time in about 20 years, I didn’t have a gig this past Christmas Eve, so, I felt like we could host our families for Christmas dinner. Since that day (that I will talk about tomorrow,) we have seriously contemplated traveling over Christmas. It would be a lot of fun with the kids and it would give us a break from some of the commercialism. How fun would a “Camping Christmas Trip” be? I’ve had other friends go on a Christmas Cruise and I heard nothing but good things about that.

I think that having Christmas at home or grandparents’ houses is almost a necessity with little children. When the kids become teenagers, a traveling Christmas might hold more appeal.

Another attractive travel holiday option might be to rent a mountain cabin in a (hopefully) snowy locale. If you don’t have plans for Christmas, yet, you need to get cracking on your holiday plans!